Lemmy’s Gift
Imin Yeh 

Lemmy’s Gift is an elaborate artist book playfully designed to teach the building blocks of paper sculpture. It contains an instructional zine alongside paper patterns to make eight observational and buildable geometric shapes (toys) as well as a storage box.

Paper is the material of childhood; children, without hesitation, make anything they want on and out of paper. Yeh combines this material wisdom with inspiration from Fröbel Gifts, the nearly 200 year old series of educational playthings developed by Friedrich Fröbel. Fröbel believed a lifetime of learning and the discovery of the world could begin with a simple wooden cube. Yeh believe’s a lifetime of creativity begins with the limitless potential of a simple piece of paper.

This first edition of 115 is typeset in TW Cent MT and printed by risograph and laser print on French Paper. The shapes are plotter cut on Colorplan Paper.  Designed, conceived, and published by Imin Yeh and their imprint ELHymns. The cover design borrows heavily from Observational Geometry by William T Campbell.

︎ $40 USD  ︎