Mini Zine Pack!

Grab five mini zines from our *Zine Machine* series! We invite artists of all ages to design these poster fold beauties. They are a perfect size to share with you favorite toy, tuck in a pocket, or stash in a secret hiding spot. 

Pack includes:
Moon Zine &
My Musical Zine
by Kevin Johnson III

Star Zine
by Samantha Schroeder

C & B 
by Childish Books

Risograph printed,
poster fold
2020 & 2021
2 x 2.75 in

︎ $4 USD ︎
Horse Child 
Lara Watterson

In Horse Child, Watterson revisits her formative fascination with all things equine. While quarantining for two weeks in her childhood bedroom, the artist passed time by re-exploring her earliest artistic pursuit: drawing horses. These ninety-nine drawings are the culmination of her time in isolation, dedicated to all children who love horses.

Risograph printed,
24 pages
8 x 5 inches

︎ $10 USD ︎
I Don’t Need to Be Reminded of Life’s Impermanence
Alick Shiu

In this poetic and playful zine, Bay area artist Alick Shiu illustrates Iphone notes in what he calls a "collage of ideas".

Published by Heavy Letters
34 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches

︎ USD $12 ︎
Feeling Overwhelmed;
A Tiny Toolkit for Stressed Out People
Sabrina Sims

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? This lovely zine guides readers through simple exercises to notice and move through big feelings.

Sabrina Sims is a Afro-Puerto Rican artist and woman from the Bronx. She does all kinds of fun interdisciplinary work like zines, printmaking and crafts. Her practice revolves around exploring magic, dreamy-ness, femme softness and emotions. Some of Sim's favorite things include her delicious collection of tea and figuring out ways to use up her art supplies.

saddle stitch
Edition of 150
26 pages
5.5 x 4.25”

︎ $10 USD  ︎